Sunday, 20 December, 2009

Petrol is really cheap !!!

Petrol is really cheap
I filled up my car's fuel tank, and I thought fuel has become really expensive after the recent price hike.

But then I compared it with other common liquids and did some quick calculations, and I felt a little better.

To know why, see the results below – you'll be surprised at how outrageous some other prices are ! !

Diesel (regular) in Mumbai : Rs.36.08 per litre

Petrol (speed) in Mumbai : Rs.52 per litre

Coca Cola 330 ml can : Rs..20 = Rs.61 per litre

Dettol antiseptic 100 ml Rs.20 = Rs.200 per litre

Radiator coolant 500 ml Rs.160 = Rs.320 per litre

Pantene conditioner 400 ml Rs.165 = Rs.413 per litre

Medicinal Mouthwash like Listerine 100 ml Rs.45 = Rs. 450 per litre

Red Bull 150 ml can : Rs.75 = Rs.500 per litre

Corex cough syrup 100 ml Rs.57 = Rs. 570 per litre

Evian water 500 ml Rs. 330 = Rs. 660 per litre Rs. 660 for a litre of WATER !! And the buyers don't even know the source (Evian spelled backwards is Naive.)

Kores whiteout 15 ml Rs. 15 = Rs. 1000 per litre

Cup of coffee at any decent business hotel 100 ml Rs. 50 = Rs. 500 per litre

Old Spice after shave lotion 100 ml Rs. 175 = Rs. 1750 per litre

Pure almond oil 25 ml Rs. 68 = Rs. 2720 per litre

And this is the REAL KICKER...

HP DeskJet colour ink cartridge 21 ml Rs.1900 = Rs. 90476 per litre!!!
Now you know why computer printers are so cheap ? So they have you hooked for the ink !
So, the next time you're at the pump, don't curse anyone – just be glad your car doesn't run on cough
syrup, after shave, coffee, or God forbid, printer ink!

Friday, 11 September, 2009

Management lesson

One fine day, a bus driver went to the bus garage, started his bus, and drove off along the route. No problems for the first few stops - a few people got on, a few got off, and things went generally well.

At the next stop, however, a big hulk of a Pathan got on. Six feet four, built like a wrestler, arms hanging down to the ground.

He glared at the conductor and said, "Pathan doesn't pay!" and sat down at the back.

Conductor didn't argue with Pathan, but he wasn't happy about it. The next day the same thing happened ? Pathan got on again, made a show of refusing to pay, and sat down. And the next day, and the next.

This grated on the bus driver, who started losing sleep over the way Pathan was taking advantage of poor conductor. Finally he could stand it no longer. He signed up for body building courses, karate, judo, and all that good stuff.

By the end of the summer, he had become quite strong; what's more, he felt really good about himself. So, on the next Monday, when Pathan once again got on the bus and said, "Pathan doesn't pay!"

The driver stood up, glared back at Pathan, and screamed, "And why not?"

With a surprised look on his face, Pathan replied, "Pathan has a bus pass."

Management Lesson:

Be sure there is a problem in the first place before working hard to solve one

Thursday, 30 July, 2009

Don't draw conclusions until you know all the facts

One old man was sitting with his 25 years old son in the train. Train is about to leave the station. All passengers are settling down their seat. As train started young man was filled with lot of joy and curiosity. He was sitting on the window side. He went out one hand and feeling the passing air. He shouted, "Papa (Father) see all trees are going behind". Old man smile and admired son feelings. Beside the young man one couple was sitting and listing all the conversion between father and son. They were little awkward the attitude of 25 years old man behaving like a small child.

Suddenly young man again shouted, "Papa see the pond and animals. Clouds are moving with train". Couple was watching the young man in embarrassingly. Now its start raining and some of water drops touches the young man's hand. He filled with joy and he closed the eyes. He shouted again," Papa it's raining, water is touching me, see papa". Couple couldn't help themselves and ask to old man. Why don't you visit the Doctor and get treated your son. Old man said," Yes, We were coming from hospital only. Today only my son got the eyes first time in life...".

Moral: "Don’t draw conclusions until you know all the facts"

Monday, 30 March, 2009

Train Your Brain

  1. Join clubs or organizations that need volunteers. If you start volunteering now, you won't feel lost.
  2. Develop a hobby or two. Hobbies help you develop a robust brain because you're trying something new and complex.
  3. Practice writing with your nondominant hand several minutes every day. This will exercise the opposite side of your brain and fire up those neurons.
  4. Take dance lessons. In a study of nearly 500 people, dancing was the only regular physical activity associated with a significant decrease in the incidence of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. The people who danced three or four times a week showed 76 percent less incidence of dementia than those who danced only once a week or not at all.
  5. Need a hobby? Start gardening. Researchers in New Zealand found that, of 1,000 people, those who gardened regularly were less likely to suffer from dementia. Not only does gardening reduce stress, but gardeners use their brains to plan gardens; they use visual and spatial reasoning to lay out a garden.
  6. Buy a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day. Walking daily can reduce the risk of dementia because cardiovascular health is important to maintain blood flow to the brain.
  7. Read and write daily. Reading stimulates a wide variety of brain areas that process and store information. Likewise, writing (not copying) stimulates many areas of the brain as well.
  8. Start knitting. Using both hands works both sides of your brain. And it's a stress reducer.
  9. Learn a new language. Whether it's a foreign language or sign language, you are working your brain by making it go back and forth between one language and the other. A researcher in England found that being bilingual seemed to delay symptoms of Alzheimer's disease for four years. (And some research suggests that the earlier a child learns sign language, the higher his IQ - and people with high IQs are less likely to have dementia. So start them early.)
  10. Play board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly. Not only are you taxing your brain, you're socializing too. (Playing solo games, such as solitaire or online computer brain games can be helpful, but Nussbaum prefers games that encourage you to socialize too.)
  11. Take classes throughout your lifetime. Learning produces structural and chemical changes in the brain, and education appears to help people live longer. Brain researchers have found that people with advanced degrees live longer - and if they do have Alzheimer's, it often becomes apparent only in the very later stages of the disease.
  12. Listen to classical music. A growing volume of research suggests that music may hard wire the brain, building links between the two hemispheres. Any kind of music may work, but there's some research that shows positive effects for classical music, though researchers don't understand why.
  13. Learn a musical instrument. It may be harder than it was when you were a kid, but you'll be developing a dormant part of your brain.
  14. Travel. When you travel (whether it's to a distant vacation spot or on a different route across town), you're forcing your brain to navigate a new and complex environment. A study of London taxi drivers found experienced drivers had larger brains because they have to store lots of information about locations and how to navigate there.
  15. Pray. Daily prayer appears to help your immune system. And people who attend a formal worship service regularly live longer and report happier, healthier lives.
  16. Learn to meditate. It's important for your brain that you learn to shut out the stresses of everyday life.
  17. Get enough sleep. Studies have shown a link between interrupted sleep and dementia.
  18. Eat more foods containing omega-3 fatty acids: Salmon, sardines, tuna, ocean trout, mackerel or herring, plus walnuts (which are higher in omega 3s than salmon) and flaxseed. Flaxseed oil, cod liver oil and walnut oil are good sources too.
  19. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables mop up some of the damage caused by free radicals, one of the leading killers of brain cells.
  20. Eat at least one meal a day with family and friends. You'll slow down, socialize, and research shows you'll eat healthier food than if you ate alone or on the go.

Source : Taiwan News

Wednesday, 11 February, 2009

Power Walking

Tokyo’s harried train commuters may not only have to buy their tickets but also generate the energy needed to punch them. East Japan Railway is testing a floor system that harvests energy from the footsteps of people walking through ticket gates.

The flooring is fitted with piezoelectric elements that convert the mechanical stress from pedestrians’ weight into little blips of electricity. Twenty-five square meters of piezoelectric flooring are expected to generate 1400 kilowatt-seconds of power per day, enough to light a 40-watt LED bulb for 17 hours. “It’s not much,” admits railway spokesperson Makoto Yasuhara. But the company hopes more-efficient future equipment will power automated ticket gates and information boards. A 2-month pilot system is being tested at Tokyo Station, where 70,000 train riders surge through ticket gates daily.
Source : Science Mag.

Monday, 27 October, 2008

Origin of the name "Google"

In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin called their initial search engine "BackRub," named for its analysis of the web's "back links." Larry's office was in room 360 of the Gates CS Building at Stanford University, which he shared with several other graduate students, including Sean Anderson, Tamara Munzner, and Lucas Pereira. In 1997, Larry and his officemates discussed a number of possible new names for the rapidly improving search technology. Sean recalls the final brainstorming session as occurring one day during September of that year.

Sean and Larry were in their office, using the whiteboard, trying to think up a good name - something that related to the indexing of an immense amount of data. Sean verbally suggested the word "googolplex," and Larry responded verbally with the shortened form, "googol" (both words refer to specific large numbers). Sean was seated at his computer terminal, so he executed a search of the Internet domain name registry database to see if the newly suggested name was still available for registration and use. Sean is not an infallible speller, and he made the mistake of searching for the name spelled as "," which he found to be available. Larry liked the name, and within hours he took the step of registering the name "" for himself and Sergey (the domain name registration record dates from September 15, 1997).

Tuesday, 14 October, 2008

Solar-powered cycle rickshaws launched in India

Solar-powered cycle rickshaws, Soleckshaw, built by a leading science laboratory, was on Friday (3th October 2008) rolled out in the New Delhi, India. Also known as the green rikshaw for being environment-friendly, a soleckshaw weighs 210 kg, runs at a speed of 15 to 20 km per hour and can carry load upto 200 kg. A solar battery of 36 volt, that requires 5 hours of charge, helps it run for 60 kms.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit launched the Soleckshaw in the presence of Science and Technology Minister and Union Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal at a function in Chandni Chowk in New Delhi. "I congratulate Samir Bramhachari (Director General of CSIR) and his team of engineers on their work. Both the driver and rider will gain from it. And it will also not pollute the environment," Dikshit said. Asked on the soleckshaw's debut on the roads, Sibal said, "We will sit for talks with the Delhi government and then invite private entrepreneurs for its mass production. Two parties from Delhi and one from Patna have shown interest in it." Stressing on cheap housing alternative to the slum dwellers, Sibal announced that under the CSIR-800 programme affordable homes will be made for the poor.

"The houses will be made of composite materials which are environmental friendly. A house measuring 10 feet by 10 feet will cost Rs 21,000 only (around 437 USD). It will be water-proof and fire resistant," he added.The union minister also announced a 100 crore project to clean and beautify the busy Chandni Chowk area at the heart of the city.

Saturday, 27 September, 2008

Digital Tour Buddy for International Backpackers Exploring Taiwan

1.To Promote Tourism in Taiwan Among International Youth, approved by official Executive Yuan document 0940037554, of 26th August, 2005.

2. Organization of the main services and facilitating measures of the Promotion Plan for Youth Travel in Taiwan 2006-2008.

3. Tour Taiwan Year 2008-2009: National Youth Commission might broaden the range of service age about “ Digital Tour Buddy program” for a more convenient environment to international backpackers.”

Two. Purpose
1. To provide international youth backpackers traveling in Taiwan with                      convenience and security.
2.      To take advantage of Taiwan’s strengths in science and technology to enable international travelers to experience the applications of that science and technology.

Three. Organizers:
1.      Sponsor: National Youth Commission (Executive Yuan)
2.      Co-sponsors: Tourism Bureau Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Rep. of China (Taiwan), China Telecom Corporation Limited, Inventec Appliances Corporation

Four. Effective dates:
From 1st May, 2008 date to 31st December, 2009

Five: Target applicants:
1. 500 Digital Tour Buddies will be in circulation. They will first be given to the service category comprising international travelers entering and visiting Taiwan to travel as backpackers (special short-term entry visa, limited to those who are sightseeing or studying). People outside of this category will not be eligible.

2. Each applicant will be limited to one application per entry to Taiwan. There are two types of application. Rules of use.

a. Before-entry application: the maximum period of each loan will be 30 days.
b. After-entry application: the maximum period of each loan will be 15 days.

Six. Digital Tour Buddy functions and equipment.
1.      Digital Tour Buddy functions:
(1)   Phone calls and text message

(2)   Brief messages to assist with daily life (providing general travel news and related news, at concessionary rates.)

(3) Speed dialing (including 24-hour Bureau of Tourism tourist information hotline, the special line for foreigners in Taiwan, the National Youth Commission’s Youth Hub, Chinese Taipei Youth Hostel Association, the Greater Taipei taxi service line, and so on.)

(4) Dictionary

2.      Digital Tour Buddy equipment.
Includes cell phone account and basic equipment (OKWAP A272-Cell phone, SIM card, lithium cell, battery charger, operations manual and user instructions), phone bag. 

Seven. Concessionary measures:
In order to encourage backpackers to make use of this service, the first 2,008 borrowers will be given NT$200 worth of free calls (limited to calls made in the Taiwan Area) by the National Youth Commission, and China Telecom Corporation.

Eight. Application procedure:
1. Type of application:
(1) Before-entry application: online application
          International backpackers should visit the National Youth Commission youth travel website, http://youthtravel.twand complete the online booking application form seven days to thirty days before entering Taiwan.

(2) After-entry application:
   A. online application
              International backpackers should visit the National Youth Commission youth travel website, and complete the online booking form three days before picking up the Digital Tour Buddy.
          B. on-the-spot application
              International backpackers can visit the Youth Hub and fill in the on-the spot application form at the service counter at 10:00~21:00 Tuesday to Sunday.

(3) For online application, on receipt of the National Youth Commission’s approval, they should print the approved booking form.

2. Obtaining the equipment.
(1) Before-entry application:
 International backpackers entering the country must bring relevant documents with them, including approved booking form、passport、passport copy、one extra valid ID (Pleas see additional remarks 1). Issuing of equipment will take place at tourist service center in Terminal One and Terminal Two of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport or Service Counter at Youth Hub of National Youth Commission (1F, No.31, ZhongXiao E. Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei 100). Applicants whose applications have been approved, having left the copy of their passport and the other ID document as security, will be issued with the Digital Tour Buddy.

(2) After-entry application:
   A. Online application:
      After-entry application is limited to pick up the equipment at Youth
Hub of National Youth Commission only (1F, No.31, ZhongXiao E. Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei 100). International backpackersmust bring relevant documents with them, including approved booking form、passport、passport copy、one extra valid ID (Pleas see additional remarks 1). Applicants whose applications have been approved, having left the copy of their passport and the other I.D document as security, will be issued with the Digital Tour Buddy.

 B. On-the-spot application:
              International backpackers must bring relevant documents with them, including passport、passport copy、one extra valid ID (Pleas see additional remarks 1) and fill in the on-the-spot application form at Youth Hub at 10:00~21:00 Tuesday to Sunday. Applicants, having left the copy of their passport and the other I.D document as security, will be issued with the Digital Tour Buddy.

(3) This service is not an inalienable right of international backpackers entering Taiwan; in the case of persons whose applications have been approved prior to their entry to Taiwan, if their visas or other application credentials are not those stipulated, has the right to cancel the loan, and the applicant will have no form of redress.

3. Returning the equipment.
Before the expiry of the loan period, borrowers are to take their passport, Digital Tour Buddy and accessories, and the customer’s copy of the booking form, to tourist service center in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, or the National Youth Commission’s Youth Hub service counter (1F, No.31, ZhongXiao E. Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei 100), to return the equipment. When the equipment has been checked, confirmed to be undamaged, and accepted, the copy of the passport and other ID document will be returned to the borrowers.

Nine. Matters to note when applying. 
1.      The National Youth Commission will provide a total of 500 Digital Tour Buddies. Once all these have been issued to applicants, no further applications will be accepted, until equipment has been returned and sterilized, when Digital Tour Buddies will again become open to applications online.

2.      This service has its roots in faith in international backpackers. Its only security is the copy of the passport and the second ID document; no financial deposit is charged. We ask the international backpackers who will be availing themselves of this service to cherish the equipment and to return it within the stipulated period, so that it can circulate and enable more backpackers to enjoy convenient information services and travel safety (Pleas see additional remarks 2 & 3).

3.      Papers: International backpackers collecting the equipment must take their passport (original and copy), approved booking form (for online application) and valid ID document (Pleas see additional remarks 1) to prove their identity, and leave the copy of their passport and the ID document as security for the loan.

4.      The equipment: Includes a Taiwan OKWAP A272-Cell phone, SIM card (The first 2,006 borrowers have NT$200 worth of free calls), lithium cell, battery charger, operations manual and user instructions, phone bag, and the applicant’s portion of the application form. 

5.      Service Hours and Locations:
(1) Tourist Service Centers at Terminal One and Terminal Two of Taiwan
Taoyuan International Airport: 7:00~23:30, All Year Round.

(2) Youth Hub Service Counter of the National Youth Commission, (1F, No.31, ZhongXiao E. Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei 100): 10:00~21:00, Tuesday to Sunday.

(3) International backpackers may obtain and return the equipment at the
location appointed on the application form during the service hours. If you wish to change the appointed location, please notify NYC three days in advance by phoning 02-33225550 or e-mailing, Thank you.

6.      Contract: All international backpackers applying for a Digital Tour Buddy must sign a short-term loan contract with the National youth commission.

Ten. Other points:
1. If the international youngster has run out free credit (NTD200), he or she can top up mobile by purchasing ideal card (recharge voucher) launched by Chungwha Telecom from convenience stores, such as 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, OK & Nikomart. In conjunction with their Digital Tour Buddy, International backpackersmay also utilize their own original cell phone’s roaming functions or choose to purchase a Taiwan IF card, available at retailers throughout the island, and providing unrestricted communication throughout the Taiwan Area. Users of Digital Tour Buddies who choose to purchase an IF card will only receive travel briefings, high-speed dialing and pre-paid calls when the Digital Tour Buddy’s original SIM card is installed.

2. This project will end on 31st December 2009. The National Youth Commission will review the demands of the project before deciding whether to continue with it.