Friday, 19 September, 2008

MRT to Taoyuan International Airport

As per the statement of "Bureu of High Speed Rail", Taiwan "Fast economical development and urbanization in recent years, the travel demands of the Taoyuan Metropolitan area have rapidly increased, and the existing transportation system was unable to meet the need of the populace. In order to prevent the worsen situation in future, and taking into account of the need to link with the High Speed Rail stations in the west corridor of Taiwan, improving the public transportation system and controlling the growth of private transportation as well, the Government therefore plans to construct a comfortable and convenient MRT system. It will promote the whole prosperity and the balanced development of the Taoyuan Metropolitan area."

"The long-term network includes red, blue and green lines. The total length is approximately 48.6km. There are 36 stations. The red line is from Jhongli City to Gueishan, the blue line is from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Longgang, and the green line is from Zhuangjing Road to Danan. The priority line is the section of blue line from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (B1) through the HSR Taoyuan Station District to Jhongli Railway Station(B10), which is approximately 17km long with 11 stations"