Friday, 19 September, 2008

Taipei MRT

The Taipei Rapid Transit System (traditional Chinese: 台北大眾捷運系統), also known as the MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit). At present, The network includes 76.6km of rail with 67 stations. In addition to the rapid transit system itself, the TRTC operates several public facilities such as the Maokong Gondola, underground shopping malls, parks, and public squares.

The metro system operates from 6 am to midnight daily, with extended services during special events. The trains operate at intervals of 3 to 15 minutes (depending on time of day and network line).

Smoking is forbidden in the entire metro system, eating, drinking, chewing of gum and beetel nuts are forbidden within the yellow line of each station. Through operations are made between the Xindian Line and Danshui Line. In addition, trains from the Zhonghe Line go on to run on the Danshui Line before terminating at Beitou station. Only one train operates on the following shuttle lines: Xinbeitou Branch Line, Xiaonanmen Line, and Xiaobitan Branch Line.

RFID IC Tokens and EasyCard smart cards are used to collect fares for day to day use, with the exception of grouptickets and bicycle access tickets (which use paper tickets). Fares range from NT$20 to NT$65 with most locations accessible for around NT$20-30.

Automated station announcements are recorded in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and English.

Each passenger is allowed access with one bicycle during weekends at certain allocated stations for NTD80.